Where to start, how to choose a ute.

Looking for a new ute but not sure where to start?

Choosing the right ute can feel like a complicated process, especially with so many different options available. So to help you make your decision, let’s cover some of the basics.


Utes of today come in a number of seating options.

A single cab is a two-seater ute and generally has the largest tray size. This will be your best bet if you are planning on carrying large items for work.

If you need to carry passengers from time to time but still require a large tray, the king cab (aka extra cab, space cab, freestyle cab, club cab, super cab) ute with 4 seats is probably your best choice.

If it’s a family ute you’re after, the dual cab (aka double cab, crew cab) is the way to go. With SUV-like interior and 5 seats, it’s the perfect choice for those weekend adventures.


Most utes are available in  two-wheel drive (aka 2WD or 4x2) or four-wheel drive  (aka 4WD or 4x4) options. Basically, if your ute is likely to stay on the road, a two-wheel drive is all you’ll need (& a more cost effective option). However, if you’re planning lots of off-road camping trips or towing heavy loads, a four-wheel drive is your best option. 

Carrying & Towing

People often decide to purchase a ute instead of an SUV because of their carrying and towing abilities. For this reason, it’s important to consider the payload and towing capacity of each ute to ensure it can do the job you require. 

Payload is the maximum load your ute can carry, spread evenly across the vehicle (this includes all passengers and luggage, not just what’s loaded in the tray). The 2WD is the best choice if you need your ute to carry larger items such as pallets from time to time. If you’re planning on taking the family away on camping trips, carrying a dirt bike or towing a horse float, the dual cab 4WD is the most suitable choice.


Before deciding on your ute, it’s important to determine the types of accessories you may require for work or hobby purposes.

From tonneau covers and canopies to roof racks and snorkels, there’s an accessory for almost anything. If you’re unsure where to start, check out the top 10 ute accessories as voted by our Nissan Navara community.

We recommend always purchasing genuine accessories as they come with a manufacturer’s warranty and are the smartest investment for your ute.