vehicle protection

At Kerry's Automotive Group we understand that your vehicle is an investment and that maintaining its appearance and operation is paramount. With this at the core of our Car Care Program, we are dedicated to providing you with top quality products.

The protection package provides the ultimate protection for the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Preserving and protecting the exterior against bird droppings, tree sap and colour fading as well as interior protection for food and drink spills, perspiration, grease and oil stains. Our Car Care Program comes with a lifetime warranty*.

Window Tinting offers heat and glare reduction, UV protection of its occupants and preserves and protects the interior from sun damage. Our Car Care Program will ensure your vehicle is maintained in pristine condition for many years.
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Window Tint

  • Reduces glare up to 85%
  • Reduces heat by up to 65%
  • Offers 99% UV protection
  • Helps bond broken glass

Paint Protection

  • Minimises stains from bird and bat droppings
  • Low maintenance cleaning
  • Protects from paint fade
  • Dirt does not stick to the car as readily
  • Maintain that showroom finish


Vinyl, Leather and Fabric Protection

  • Protects from food and drinks spills
  • Fluids bead rather than absorb into the material
  • Prevents UV damage to the interior


  • The ultimate off-road protection
  • Protects against salty air exposure
  • Protect your resale value


*Terms and conditions apply.


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